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Our studio is designed with the latest developments in neurobiology and behavioral therapies in mind to help you to create a legacy of wellness for life. Learn to harness the power of authentic mind-body-spirit integration through our evidence-based methodology. This approach magnifies the potency of traditional psychotherapy by introducing an intrinsic curriculum of movement-based, creative and expressive art therapies to your wellness practice.


Our classes, workshops, and events reinforce therapeutic themes like trauma processing, stress management, self-acceptance, and emotional regulation while instilling positive behavioral changes and the freedom to connect with pure self-expression.

Our Methodology:
Experience the Alchemy of Therapy Embodied 

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Harnessing the Power of Neurobiology

Change manifests when repetition is fused with awareness. Through various movement-based and creative processes, our curriculum is designed to safely guide you towards developing deeper consciousness. Higher awareness allows you to disconnect from the cerebral mind to reconnect with the root of your emotions.


We invite you to explore the infinitude of your somatic intelligence. Learn to lean into multi-sensory experiences, tolerate the duality that exists in everything, and trust in your body’s resilience. Our methodology invokes the brain’s power of practice to ultimately habituate new ways of being in the world that serve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Practitioners of Somatic Intelligence, Grounded in Science & Inspired by Spirit. 

Repose studio instructors are trauma-informed somatic educators, therapists, and intuitive guides informed by evidence-based science and research. They draw upon established therapeutic modalities and the enduring wisdom of ancient practices. Classes incorporate creative arts, dance and movement therapies, breathwork, therapeutic yoga, and meditation among others. We strive to empower you to become an expert of your own healing by helping you to cultivate mind-body literacy.

Our educators are attuned to your healing journey and work in collaboration with your psychotherapist or any other members of your wellness team that you choose to include.

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What are you waiting for?
Start your healing journey today.

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